God has been my guide and is going to take me a step at a time into my new position and I am ready to take charge.

I am encouraged that God is using what I have to bless me and others giving us life in its fullness. Have you ever felt alone at any moment? The message is ” …You are not alone”.
This is a year of bursting, spreading out, and touching hearts. I am trusting God to reachout to as many people and places as possible through missions, the internet, radio and Television programs. I have seen God in my life, experienced Him and seen Him take charge.

I have seen God take me out of circumstances which no man would. With that confidence I am looking beyond what my eyes can see.

I know the Lord who took me through it all in the previous years, blessing me, lifting me up and giving me favour before His people, is going to propel me and you beyond the sky limit. Behold the name of the Lord will be glorified at all times.

Last year was a year of great exposition. 2008 has had so many opportunities opening up. It is my prayer that you get blessed and encouraged through my music, Videos and everything you read on this site.

This is a year of reaching out and I am trusting God to reach as many people as possible through visits, radio and Television programs. I have seen God take charge and I am looking beyond what my eyes can see and I know the Lord who took me through all the previous years is going to propel us beyond the sky limit.

His Love I have been working on my new Album His Love which is finally complete and I am letting God speak through me, reaching out to everybody in their different capacities and in their time. There is no love like the Love our Almighty God.
In this album am looking at soul winning and being an encouragement of the brethren. My Other Albums; Why Hypocrisy Lift Him and I Need A Miracle were soul reaching and touching albums and many people are being blessed by them. I give God all the glory.

You can be a blessing too in a way the Lord may lead you too especially by leaving a word in the guest book or sending me an email. It may bless us and someone who comes around.

You can also support me by getting yourself a copy of all or any of my CDs and DVDs.
To invite me to your service please send me an email. I am very willing to bless the people of God all over the universe whenever the Lord opens doors.